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Solar Panels & Renewable Energy

Solar Panels and Renewable Energy services in

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Solar hot water (thermal) systems use free heat from the sun to warm domestic hot water. They work by installing the solar collectors on roofs facing between south west and south east. The more south facing your roof is the better performance you can expect.

These collectors absorb the sun’s energy and change it into heat, which is then used to heat water. There are two main types of collectors, evacuated tubes or flat plates and several different ways there can be used to provide hot water. Making sure that you have the right type of collector and set-up is crucial if your solar hot water system is to be as economically and environmentally efficient as possible.

We can advise you on whether your home will be suitable for this form of solar energy and what collectors are best for your property and energy needs.

Solar Energy

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps use pipes buried in the garden to extract hear form the ground. This is usually used to heat radiators or underfloor heating systems and hot water.

The ground stays at a fairly constant temperatur beneath the surface, so a ground source heat pump can be used throughout the year – even in the middle of winter.

Ground source heating uses low grade energy collected from the ground by either an array collector typically laid at 1.2m deep or by vertical bore holes up to 100m deep. They are slighly more efficient than air source heat pumps but cost a lot more to install. This technology is best applied on new builds or where there is a substantial amount of land to install the collectors.

Ground Source Heat Pumps
Ground Source Heat Pumps


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What our customers have to say

Complete boiler system in a very big and very old house

“Very professional from start to finish. Quotes were completed quickly and changed to add the extras that we thought of before the work began. Barry gave us lots of advice and the best offers he could find on supplies. Three men turned up to complete the work over 4 days - all of them were polite, friendly and dressed in a 'uniform'. The work was very neatly done and they all worked hard. The finishing touches to make good the work e g filling in brickwork, were excellent and they tidied and hovered leaving all areas clean. Everything was explained clearly. I can highly recommend this firm."


Customer in Bedford: 6 July


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